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New Update: Free MTN 500MB Daily


MTN cheats is here again! Follow the settings to get activated.
These are the Steps / Procedures to get started.

Firstly take note of the things you will need:  

1⃣ Your MTN SIM

2⃣ Configure File

3⃣ APN Setting

4⃣ VPN

5⃣ e-Lerning Data

1.  First Step to get started, Visit this website with your MTN SIM, Stay / Scroll Up & Down the site until you get a notification / pop up that you have been credited with 500MB( to check your balance dial *131*4#)

2. Go to your APN Setting (Access Point Name) click the plus sign (+) and create new APN, Then you can manually add this following Configurations:

Name: MTN e-Lerning


Port: 8080

3. Make sure you add this Configuration after receiving the 500MB. 

4. Open Your Ha Tunnel VPN download link below

5. Also download the configuration file then Import the file and Connect.

Owoicho Emmanuel

A Professional Blogger | A Creative Director | Media Entrepreneur | Instructor | Speaker | Music Passionate | Founder of Thexclusive Media | CEO of Medarplay

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